about me

Hello and welcome to my shop! My name is Jordine and I'm so happy to have you here :]

An asian woman in a yellow painted room. She leans on a desk with a sign that says Blue Moon Paper, and the walls behind her are covered in various art prints. She wears a necklace and striped shirt with a cardigan.

I started Blue Moon Paper back in 2019 with a single listing on Etsy: a printable planner pdf. It was bought by one of my friends and then promptly taken down because I realized I wasn't that proud of what I made 😅

Fast forward to the middle of 2020, when I dusted off my little old Etsy shop and started selling masks to friends, family, and whoever would have them! I soon moved on to making scrunchies.

I continued on with that until March 2021, when I got really into the bullet journaling/pen pal scene on Instagram and YouTube. I decided to go back to my shop's humble beginnings: stationery.

I bought a cutting machine and started designing all the stickers I wanted to use in my own journal spreads, and finally found where Blue Moon Paper fit in best.

I've been collecting notebooks and stickers and pens and all kinds of stationery for a long time, so being part of this community means the world to me 🥰

Thank you for letting me share my work with you! I hope it brings you as much joy as it brings me.