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Oops Packs! 3-4 B-Grade Sticker Sheets

Oops Packs! 3-4 B-Grade Sticker Sheets

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This is a set of random B-Grade sticker sheets. This bundle can be either 3 full size sticker sheets, or 2 full size and 2 mini sticker sheets.

Sometimes mistakes happen! Maybe stickers are a bit miscolored, the cuts aren't aligned properly, or the depth of the cut is off. These B-Grade sticker sets are absolutely usable (and I use them myself quite often!) but they are not up to standard to be sold at full price. With an oops! bundle, you will get random sticker sets with minor mistakes on them, at a discounted rate.

These bundles will include stickers currently listed on my store, as well as maybe some unreleased or discontinued designs. Check out my store page to see what you might get!

Oops packs are put together using sticker paper scraps, so there may be some ink on the back side of the banner.

These are packaged ahead of time and so I can't guarantee that you won't get duplicates. By purchasing this bundle, you acknowledge that your stickers will not be perfect and may have slight flaws. Almost all stickers in a set are usable, although some may have shallow cuts. In this case, pull the sticker up from multiple angles and it should come up, or you can cut it out.


Sticker paper is made from 100% post-consumer waste. The backing sheets are not recyclable but can be re-used in many different ways!


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Full-size sticker sheets are 4" x 6". Mini sticker sheets are 4" x 3.5". Sticker flakes vary in size.

Care Instructions

Sticker sheets are not water-proof and are not intended for prolonged time in the sun.

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